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A Democrat winning in Chesterfield? I doubt it. Ward probably made the right call.

Not Larry Sabato

I'd suggest you look closer at the parts of Chesterfield within this district- not only did it carry for Barack Obama, but it was the only Chesterfield district that almost went for Kaine (0.2% margin). Not all statewide Democrats do well here, but identified local Democrats tend to overperform in these precincts, especially in local/state elections.

Gretchen Laskas

We should always run a candidate, however. I hate just handing Republicans a victory without trying. It's demoralizing for Dems in the district.

Which is why I COMPLETELY support the time and resources being given for the Wagner campaign. What is the worst that happens? We lose but have helped develop a strong candidate for future office, created a broader fundraising base, brought in some potential new voters, shown once again the Democratic Party is in the Valley and we want to win. Seems like a good deal to me.

And who knows? Maybe we DO pull it off and we pick up a new Delegate in the mist unlikely of areas. Even if for a short time, I would rather the party be moving forward in this way than simply standing still or worse (like not running a candidate!) moving backwards

Gordon Sumner

Uh, Gretchen, I guess you didn't Ben's earlier posts about typos....

(See the candidate's name in your post.)


If what Ben says is true -- and that is a big IF -- tHe Democrats should be supporting candidates in state races. But Ben typically loads his gun, shoots from the hip, and wounds himself on all too many claims. Plus, he usually has a hidden agenda!

Gretchen Laskas

(confessing about being terrible about typos. Sorry!)

Ghost of Ted Dalton

The saddest part of the 27th for Dems is that the paper that covers the district, The Chesterfield Observer, has really been hard on the GOP candidate. It will be interesting to see how close the margin is in that district, b/c I believe that if some money came in, the Dems could have stolen a seat against such a weak candidate.

Samuel Gilleran

NLS, you're spot on about Ward... and we wonder why Martinsville/Henry County can't get any jobs...


Ward sucks


Regarding the race in the 26th ... there were lots of reports of voting irregularities in the City of Harrisonburg this morning. Electronic poll books were down, and people were being turned away in droves instead of being offered provisional ballots ... absolutely no similar reports from the far-more-Republican portions of the district. Shades of 2008, when Republicans tried to do exactly the same thing in Hburg ...

Karl "turdblossom" Rove

Hburg Dem, surely you must be mistaken. Republicans engaging in vote suppression? That never happens.


" Republicans engaging in vote suppression? That never happens."

Except when it does happen!

Brent Finnegan

Here's the latest on voting "irregularities" in the 26th. http://hburgnews.com/2010/06/15/early-morning-voting-snafus-fixed/

Some have implied that this was somehow intentional, but I'm more prone to believe it's incompetence on the part of the registrar's office -- the same registrar that made headlines in 2008 http://notlarrysabato.typepad.com/doh/2008/10/harrisonburg-re.html

Not Larry Sabato

Brent, did anything ever happen with a prosecution regarding those forms?

Brent Finnegan


I don't think much ever came of the SBE review (Logan remains the registrar). http://hburgnews.com/2008/12/12/city-registrar-in-the-spotlight-again/

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