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Brian W. Schoeneman

LOL, I like it. It would be interesting to see a Chap run. But only if he gets a makeover and retires the bowties!


Can someone please explain to me why Chap, a guy who finished a WEAK 3rd in the Democratic race for LG in 2005, would be a strong candidate for Governor next time?

Maybe I'm missing something but I honestly just don't get it.


Two points:

a- Chap and Terry both have embarrassing and large primary defeats.

b- That means nothing for a General Election for either.


Chap is the only member of the GA to beat a Republican incumbent in both houses, and you are bitching that he once lost a primary? Post under your own name Levar.

not james martin

Draft Creigh Deeds!



Oh noooo not Chap, do we need another chucklehead? Can't we find someone who will, you know...WIN???


Interesting video but I'm more curious as to what was your big story you were mentioning on Facebook and Twitter last night??

Gretchen Laskas

Like it!

Not This Again

No need to worry, because Cooch will be VP of the U.S. by then, riding on his victory over Obamacare as VA's Attorney General.


As an early and frequent contributor to Cooch, I cannot emphasize enough how pleased I am with our new AG. Anyone who can cause the level of reflexive bed-wetting as seen on this website is surely marked for greater things. Cooch for Gov? No, Cooch for Pres.


Cooch is basically a tea party candidate the sooner he goes the better for the Republican party overall


I really don’t think the AG is doing things for his own self interest, this is what he (and the legislature) believe is the law of the commonwealth.
Most citizens agree with these positions, it’s just a bonus that it drives the uberlibs nuts.

steve vaughan

Not This Again: If he were to win that lawsuit, I don't think that's farfetched at all. I don't think he'll win. But if he did....


Please please please PLEASE draft CHAP! to run against Cooch.

And while you're at it, draft Leslie for LG.

Then we can have another GOP sweep.


You know what? this is exceptionally lame...

Kristin Smith

I guess I should throw in my two cents, too.




T-Mac got crushed 2-1 by Deeds who then lost by double digits to Taliban Bob.

Are you a Cooch supporter?


Do people really believe he is going to run for Governor? He is able to have such a huge platform and push his ideology through means the legal system provides. He was be weakening himself substantially. The real question should be who are the Democrats going to run against him for AG.


For all the power of the AG's office - surely the platform of Governor is much more significant

Brian W. Schoeneman

I think he's going to run for Senate, actually, DanielK.

Not Hussein

Plus, isn't Bolling more or less entitled to a clear field due to his not challenging McD in the primary?

Not Larry Sabato

Not Hussein,

According to McDonnell for sure!


I see Ken Cuccinelli teaming up with Corey Stewart's lot and the Tea Partiers to try and over-throw the VA GOP in 2013. Standing to meet their rebellion is the army of the establishment under the command of Governor McDonnell, aiming to place Bill Bolling on the ticket. The battle will be epic. The campaign will be historic. The movie will also be cool.


Tom Perriello '13, plz


Chap's OK but Gov? No way, not nearly ready. Kooky Nelly won't run either. I agree w/Kristin bring back TERRY MCAULIFFE! He's got some great ideas and can really help this state.

A Voter

Ken Cuccinelli's the best Attorney General our state has ever had.

I'm with Chubber... Cuccinelli for President!


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