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Uh, probably because the quarterly DPVA meeting is always held in Fredericksburg the second Saturday of September, and Mark usually has his party that day so everyone can come? And that this year, that Saturday happens to be on the 11th?


Is this post a joke? 9 years after september 11, can't we all gather round and enjoy a pig roast without our judgement being questioned? Seriously?


notjohnsmosby, For those of us who are Republican voters, why should we care when the DPVA has its fall meeting? If the Democrats are too stupid to move their fall meeting on Sept 11 shouldn't our elected officials be smart enough not to hold a party after?


Yeah, because this is so much worse than the GOP and their people using images of people dying during 9/11 for their own political gain. Using those images to strike fear into people because a Mosque is being built near the attack location.

Brian W. Schoeneman

Glad to see we agree on this, Ben. I'm thinking you'll probably get a better response from Warner than I would.

DanielK, no one is using those images to strike fear into anyone. The images are used to remind people what happened. It seems like a few folks have forgotten.


I see what you mean but no one should have to be reminded about what happened. Yes, those images are a reminder but showing people jumping to their death is also using fear just like it has in the past.

As for the pig roast, our society and our citizens respond to events and tragedies differently. I don't believe it is his intent to use 9/11 to raise political funds even though politicians on both sides have in the past. This doesn't negate or diminish what happened on 9/11 nor should it infer that he has forgotten what happened.

Brian W. Schoeneman

DanielK, I don't think he's using 9/11 to raise money. I think he's completely ignoring the fact that his event is scheduled for 9/11. He's treating it like it's just another Saturday, and it's not.


Brian- and he is serving the greatest insult to Muslims and Jews as his main dish.


I believe its also a fundraiser for 911 ben

Gordon Sumner

So how long after Dec. 7th, 1941, did we have to abstain from any political activities?


This is also the date of the Mason District 43rd crab feast. My guess is Rachel is not going to be a happy camper.


It was well into the '60s before December 7th lost its overwhelmingly tragic association.

DPVA is dumb to have their meeting this day and Prince Mark and his staff are politically stone deaf.

Joe N.

I will be in Powhatan; September 11, 2001 – The saddest day in United States History, yet the day that saw the re-birth of American Patriotism – September 11, 2010, we celebrate that patriotism with the USA Patriots’ Day Music Classic in Powhatan, Virginia, hosted by Retired Marine Clyde O. Childress.


Nice Try

Yo, Sting, I mean, Gordon Sumner.

Dec. 7th was politically sensitive up until around Sept. 2001.

Gayle H

wow must be a slow news day for ben. the dpva has their meetings in Fredrickburg that day.
Just don't show up ben then it will be a great event.

Never Forget

I think the Onion already covered the proper way to observe 9/11 anniversaries:



Never Forget,

Are you implying that the DPVA leaders are going to have a circle-jerk at their morning meeting, and then jerk some more at the pig roast later that day, on the 11th?

No wonder DPVA leaders are becoming a bunch of bobble-heads.

BTW, dumb idea to hold the DPVA meeting on the 10/11 of September.


There also is a NASCAR race in Richmond the evening of Sept. 11, and both Virginia Tech and UVa are playing football games on Sept. 11. Are the people hosting those events or the hundreds of thousands of people going to those and other events disrespecting the remembrance of 9-11? I think not. The key is that people remember and respect, regardless of what type of events they choose to host or attend.

Mark Warner Is The Pig To Roast

Amazed at the update NLS. Typical rich guy who thinks he can do anything as long as he makes a donation as well. It's not about money, and I hope the Pentagon foundation tells him to take the money and shove it up his ass.

Gayle H

Hey Tonto, can you read. the fall meeting is held on the second saturday of sept. pretty elementary but let's make a big deal out of it cause your computer might get lonely without you.


Its a joke, Gale H.

Never Forget is vectoring off of this insane NLS post, and I am just having some fun.

Don't be a bobble head, ya bobble head. :)

The Ghost of  Grantland Rice

Let's see folks....Yep all the Hokies and Wahoos are unpatriotic because their football teams are playing on Saturday, September 11th.

Sweet Jesus--what is Notre Dame doing that day?? OMG The Fightin' Irish play Michigan at South Bend! (Have the Muslims infiltrated the Catholic Church?)

And lookee here--Liberty University plays Ball State out in Indiana (must be some arabs amongst all them Baptists).

That bastion of patriotic fervor, University of Missippi goes to New Orleans to take on the Green Wave of Tulane!

Wow! Do these know how much you disapprove, NLS? Quick, quick call Glen Beck!

That brings us to the question that everyone wants answered..."What are YOU doing on Saturday, September 11, NLS? Wanking about in your pj's in Momma's basement again?

Brian W. Schoeneman

There's a pretty huge difference between Virginia Tech having a football game on 9/11 and a U.S. Senator having a political party for his supporters on 9/11. We should expect more from our elected officials, especially those from states that were directly affected by the attacks.

What I'll be doing on 9/11 is what I do every 9/11 - spend time with my family and remember what happened that day.


Pig roast? Does that mean that Mark's former sister-in-law, Liz Taylor is coming?

Valley Indie


What is an appropriate way to spend 9/11? I suppose we could use typical Memorial Day events as a model... right?

Anybody who gets their panties bunched over this is an uptight dweeb who doesn't get laid enough.

The Ghost of  Grantland Rice

Gosh Brian, it's nice to know what you'll be doing (not that anyone asked).

Maybe you can explain the difference--if Mark Warner and his family shouldn't have a pig roast why should VA Tech (a STATE supported institution, by the way) fill Lane Stadium (on STATE property)with 60,000+ students, alumni, state officials and other fans to watch a football game and "Do the Hokie Pokey"?


Just FYI - he's collecting donations to the Pentagon Memorial Fund on the RSVP page, not just "putting out a bucket." The voluntary contributions links was up since invites went out.

Dude, check some facts before you start typing.

Brian W. Schoeneman

Ghost, because they aren't representing Virginia. This isn't a difficult concept.

Brian W. Schoeneman

Chris, the "collecting donations" language on the RSVP page was NOT up last night when I wrote my story, nor was it up when Ben first linked to my story this morning.

That's been added since, I like to think in response to what Ben and I have written.

Not Larry Sabato

Chris- the link was def. not up last night. Why would you spread a lie like that? Who is telling you to do that?


It is true that college football games and NASCAR races, along with numerous other events will go on this Sept 11. However, I doubt that any public event will commence without a moment of silence to honor those who died that day.

The difference here is that Mark Warner is an elected leader of our Commonwealth. He is expected to set an better example for all of those who would treat this anniversary as "just another weekend."

I have voted for Mark Warner in every election he has run in with the exception of his challenge to John Warner. I won't vote for him again, unless of course George Allen is his opponent.


A year after 9/11, yes. Nine years after 9/11, it's kind of hard to get too worked up about this.

Of course we need to take time to reflect and remember this most tragic day in American history, but does that mean that every November 22nd we should plan our schedules around that day because of the anniversary of Kennedy's death? Or April 19th because of the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing? Or December 7th?

Not saying these are all the same, but if we have to cancel events like this every 9/11 from here on out, then we really are letting the terrorists win.


April 19th is already a holiday in several locales. It's the anniversary of Lexington and Concord. And Waco and OK Cty.

Maybe we need to make 9/11 a national holiday. Honoring the dead is hardly letting the terrorists.

The ceremonies on "Remember Pearl Harbor Day" that I attended in the 60s weren't letting the militarist of Imperial Japan win.



Well put. Thank you.

It is also important to note that almost every Memorial Day and every July Fourth some newspapers and op-ed columnists write editorials about the importance of remembering what those holidays mean to all Americans, other than an excuse to have a cook-out. And, notice that Veterans Day, November 11, is one of the few holidays in this country that isn't celebrated on the closest Monday. The day is as holy as Christmas when it comes to honoring those who have served the nation.

Perhaps 9-11 does need to be national holiday. We should never forget how on a beautiful autumn Monday, the terrorists came to our homeland and killed innocent men, women, and children by the thousands in an unprovoked attack.

VA Politico

Who gives a shit? Sitting in silence and thinking about 9/11 isn't going to bring anyone back or make our country a better place or anything like that. Likewise, hosting a party or playing a football game or having a NASCAR race isn't dishonoring anyone's memory. It was 9 years ago and we are constantly reminded every day (thanks Republican party) of just how terrible 9/11 was. I guarantee the party will be just as big as it is every year, and nobody who attends is doing so to besmirch those who died or is any less patriotic or compassionate or loving than holier-than-thou jackasses like Brian.


VA Politico, very well put.


VA Politico,

I hope that you and NJM don't lose friends or family in the next terrorist attacks.

Karma is like that, asshole.

Not Larry Sabato

I don't know what exactly "too soon" is, but I think it's definite in the first 10 years, and probably until 20 or 25 when things go back to "normal" on an anniversary like this.


NLS, the GOP's constant demogoging around the Islamic center in lower Manhattan offends me far more; and until and unless we declare it a national holiday, are we supposed to sit in a darkened room in mourning clothes and rend our garments all day? I think that it could be argued that Bin Laden wins every time we run our lives based on fear and divide our populace with petty ginned up controversies over symbolism and anniversaries

Barbara Munsey

vapol and nojsm, some Holocaust survivors have lived long enough to see even leaders of nations (Ahmadinejad) claim that what they experienced never happened.

For some of those directly affected by a cataclysmic event, it probably happens again, several times each day.

Brian W. Schoeneman

VaPol, if that's the case, we might as well just abolish Memorial Day, July 4, Veteran's Day, and every other public holiday. They aren't going to make the country a better place, right? No one is going to gain anything by remembering the sacrifices of our soldiers or those serving in uniform, or remembering our independence day - might as well get a solid days work out of it.

It's pathetic that anyone needs the Republican party or any party to remind people what happened on 9/11. It's pathetic that your memory is that short.

And, as I have already said, playing a football game or having a NASCAR race isn't dishonoring anyone's memory. But having a sitting U.S. Senator from a state where an attack took place and where the family of victims still live hosting a political party on that day and ignoring the fact that it is 9/11 until he's called out on it - that's a horse of a different color. We should expect more from public officials and I expect more from Senator Warner.

Given the comments from both sides in this thread, I don't stand alone in that criticism.

There's nothing holier than thou about holding elected officials accountable. They wanted the job, and with it comes greater responsibilities than those expected of an average citizen. Part of that means being cognizant of the message your sending when you throw parties on national days of mourning.

steve vaughan

This so not an issue. It just allows some people to continue the hysterical bed-wetting and fearmongering they've been engaged in since 9/11.

gail h

Brian, we get where you are coming from. Now get a life.


HisRoc - Of course you know what holidays in the US are for.


Maybe there'll be a "9/11 sale" somewhere soon.

Brian W. Schoeneman

Gail, I don't think you do.

It's unfortunate that your dislike of my criticism manifests itself in such a classless retort. "Get a life?" Playground insults? Really?

Sometimes I just have to shake my head.


So, Hisroc and Brian and Barbara, what should everyone do on 9/11?

By the way, when Barbara Munsey agrees with you, you should realize you're a lot closer to full bat-shit nuttiness than you think you are.



Well, on 9-11 I will be riding in a motorcycle rally fund raiser for the Flight 93 Memorial in PA.

As for Barbara Munsey, who cares if she happens to agree with us? Hell, if you will recall, I have often agreed with you on these boards. Does that make you (or me) bat-shit nutty?

Brian W. Schoeneman

NJSM, I've already said people are free to do whatever they want on 9/11. This isn't about people. This is about Senator Warner. He's not free to do whatever he wants on 9/11.

I will be at home with my family like I normally am on days where I want to remember what happened.

Valley Indie

I don't know what exactly "too soon" is, but I think it's definite in the first 10 years, and probably until 20 or 25 when things go back to "normal" on an anniversary like this.

Posted by: Not Larry Sabato | August 19, 2010 at 01:37 AM

Good for you. Then you're free to... wait for it... wait for it... NOT ATTEND a function that you think is too soon, and in bad taste.

Of course, if that's not good enough, and you want to make sure that EVERYONE ELSE lives by the norm that you believe is correct, you can bitch about it. Oh, wait. That's what you're doing here.

Carry on.


Valley Indie,

I don't think that anyone has implied what everyone else should so on this anniversary. The discussion concerns only Senator Warner. Is he demonstrating good leadership as an elected official by holding a fund raiser on this date? Apparently even his own staff doesn't think so or they wouldn't have added the Pentagon Memorial collections bucket after all the questions were asked.

Barbara Munsey

luv u 2, nojism.



What should everyone do on 9/11 anyway? I think it is ridiculous to think that the victims of 9/11 wouldn't want us to go on living and supporting the causes we believe in and the American way of life after some period of time! At some point this just becomes petty grandstanding and an arbitrary bar to public figures engaging in free association as they deem fit

gail h

Oh and this event is NOT a fundraiser...
It was NEVER a fundraiser. It is an event that Warner has had over the years AFTER the DPVA meeting.
In his thoughtful way he has asked people to donate money to the fund.
Get it??

Barbara Munsey

So, is this going to morph into the perennially and professionally offended being offended that others have a different trigger for being offended that isn't on the acceptable list of offendable offenses?


Jerry S

99% of the American people won't think twice about this event taking place on 9/11. We should never forget that day but criticizing Senator Warner for doing what he has always done on this particular occasion is pointless. It matters not what position he holds.

Gayle H

That corporate giant, Northrop Grumman is having big event at King's Dominion that day with all the bells and whistles. Menchville HS is having their class reunion that day and so on...
I want to a pix of Brian on that day sitting in his house all day with his family. how about a youtube non stop and make sure he doesn't do anything else but sit there. that is his perogative but we are going on with life...

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