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Larry Sabato's Hairpiece

He could have at least bought a car made in the US, since he makes such a show of being for union workers. The Edge is made in Oakville, Ontario, Canada...

Ghost of Alexander Hamilton

Even better, he bought a car from the one company that did not take the government hand-out.


Larry Sabato's Hairpiece, the folks who work in those Ford plants in Canada are union workers.

Larry Sabato's Hairpiece

To clarify for Dan's benefit, he makes such a show of being for AMERICAN union workers.


Are you finding fault with being for policies that benefit American workers? Because that seems like a very reasonable thing for any Congressman to be in favor of. As opposed to the financial rape of average workers that has taken place over the past generation with the complicity of many in both political parties.

If you use the Google you will find that many of the pieces and parts that go into that Ford Edge assembled in Canada are produced on this side of the border.


This story pretty much sums up everything that is wrong with Rick Boucher. He's a complete phony who represents everything that's wrong with DC and Congress. Partisanship aside, after 28 years, Boucher has simply lost touch with the 9th and become a part of the DC culture. The Rick Boucher that got elected in 1982 wouldn't have ever done this.

Corey Appleby

what's with the almost $15,000 in credit card payments as well?

9th observer

So what's worse? Buying the car with campaign funds or buying it with taxpayer money? There are lots of examples of the latter.

And if the car is used for the campaign then is that such a big deal? Should he just buy an old clunker? I didn't see anything in your bit that indicates Boucher actually owns the car and parks it in his driveway anyway. I think having a driver on staff is pretty standard, especially if you represent a geographically large district. I bet Griffith has one.


Rep Rick Boucher (D)VA



Are commenters actually defending a Congressman using campaign contributions to purchase a car? Unbelievable.
These 'public servants' work for us people, not the other way around. Fire him, whatever his party.


Campaign contributions are at least private funds, there are a large number of congressmen that use their tax funded office allowance to buy or lease a vehicle.


It is amazing how some comments here are showing the extent to which citizens are willing to bend over for these guys. He is making almost 200K a year--the benefits are unbelievable. He can't afford to buy a nice car to drive around and schmooze the public--the latter have to pay for it?
And, the work...it is easy to think of much harder jobs that pay much less. Why is it that we let these guys treat their campaigning as if it were a small business?
All of these privileges of which this is only one example (many of them obviously unethical if not unlawful) add up to produce self-absorbed, arrogant, entitled pricks. It is no wonder we have such lousy governance in this country.


ParatrooperJJ tells us:

"Campaign contributions are at least private funds, there are a large number of congressmen that use their tax funded office allowance to buy or lease a vehicle."

Are we getting the old "Everybody does it" justification? Remember what your mother told you about jumping off a bridge. So, the new story is we have a bunch of corrupt congressmen, so therefore it is not corrupt. It is all relative, doncha know.


I know Boucher thinks he exempt from the income tax laws but even a congress critter has to report his personal mileage as income. Has Boucher released his 2009 tax return? Any personal mileage on it?


And there is the ongoing bleeding of Del. Onzlee Ware's campaign coffer - leaking like a sieve. He only has $163 left in his fund.



It's hard to justify buying a car - maybe it will be painted with his picture and campaign slogans.

Watch Griffith to see if he does the same now that the RNC sees the race "in play."

Martin Lomasney

How is the car titled?

Any personal use is taxable.

Congressmen are small businesses. They have a staff of more than a dozen, have multiple office in their district and one in Washington.

Lots of businesses own or lease cars for their employees to use to advance the interests of the business. It's a legitimate business expense.

So long as the expense is truly either campaign or official business related like going to constituent service meetings or town halls, what's this outrage about?

More ado about nothing.

Jerry Fuhrman

Your "source" probably read this "news" on my weblog three months ago.

Jerry - From On High

kelley in virginia

jerry, you rock.

Brian W. Schoeneman

While I hate to defend a Democrat during election season, I have to agree with Martin. The 9th is huge. If John McCain can buy a bus to travel around in, I can understand the need for a campaign vehicle. I could understand if Periello had one too, as the 5th is huge too.

Now, if he's using it for personal purposes, that's a horse of a different color.

Ghost of Alexander Hamilton

First of all Brian, how do you know McCain bought a bus and not rented one?

Secondly, a Congressman is a resident of his or her district. They live and work with the people they represent. Plus you don't take a tour bus to the grocery store.

As for campaigning, Boucher refuses to debate Griffith. He doesn't attend any community events and only comes to ribbon cuttings that he had nothing to with other than to announce them.

And since his money comes for major corporations that have business before the committees he serves on and in one case chairs, then he has become dependent upon the Fat Cats than ever for basic living expenses.

Rick Boucher corporate toad.

And since our tax dollars are rewarding him with an annual salary of $174,000 he can buy his own damn car.

Boucher's defense sounds alot like Charlie Rangle's...but then again birds of a feather do fly together.

Brian W. Schoeneman

Ghost, I don't know. I'm just assuming. Would it have been as bad if he rented a car every day with his campaign funds?

I understand that they live and work with the people they represent, but Boucher lives in Abingdon - he's not going to be hanging out every day with folks in Blacksburg or Alleghany County. It's a big, rural district. I can, at least, understand why he might buy a car for the campaign. I doubt he's the one driving it, anyway.

I don't want to defend the guy because I want Griffith to beat him, but I figure if the guy is going to buy a car to drive around in on his donors dime, he'd at least go with something fun like a Mustang. An Edge? Bleck.

Gretchen Laskas

How is renting a bus an absolute better than buying one? What if given your needs, buying one makes more fiscal sense than renting?


I guess Campaign Finance Reform is hardly reformed. Another disgusting example of Politicians Gone Wild!


The 9th CD stretches from Lexington to the borders of Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, and North Carolina. It takes 4 hours and change to drive from one corner to the other.

Ben, did you check ANY other rural congressman's financial reports to see if their campaign vehicle is financed by their campain? I didn't think so.

I'll bet Boucher puts at least 25K miles per year on a vehicle driving for constituent and political business. So he should pay for a new car every five years from his salary?

This ain't Alexandria and Fairfax, Ben.


You see, Boucher should have bought a Volvo to be hip like Ben!


Well, at least Boucher will have a sweet ride to carry back his belongings when he vacates his office in Washington after the election! A nice parting gift.

Brad Farmer

Rick Boucher does own and drive that Edge, I live in Abingdon and it has the Virginia Congressional license plate on it and it sits in front of his house on Main st. in Abingdon near the Barter Theatre.


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Ken M.

I live in Abingdon and can confirm that as of this past Spring, Rick Boucher was using the Ford Edge for grocery shopping. His license plate is personalized for the ninth. Of course none of this should relieve Griffith of scritiny.

Ken M.

Scritiny - that's Tiggr for "scrutiny"

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