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So Connolly is defending Congress for not passing a budget?


Saw it for the first time today, and had a similar thought...apparently they are going to pretend the first part of the video did not happen.

Kevin in Arlington

a) The House did pass a budget with a deeming resolution that enforces limits for FY11 spending bills coming out of the House. True no H.J.Res. or S.Con.Res. made it through both chambers - it's not The Budget Resolution. The Senate did not, but operates on precedence so that they can draw on previously passed Senate rules.

Sounds fishy? Happened many times under Bush/Hastert/Frist. et al in election years. Not a good excuse. Just an example of institutional problems with the Budget Act of '74.

b) the Congressional pay/pension/benefit politicking is one more sad examples of pols assuming voters are dumb, appealing to the lowest common denominator and getting confirmation of their tactics.

This ad is dumb. Full stop.

Not Dick Cheney

Fimian may be on to something here. Republicans have quite a history of doing precisely the opposite of what they tell the voters they will do. Perhaps offering a quarter million dollar bonus is what is required to get them to act with some integrity.

Balance the budget? What a laugh! If the Republicans actually did the things they say they will do it wouldn't result in a balanced budget. It would result in a larger deficit.

Go ahead and offer the bonus Fimian proposes. There is about a zero chance it will ever be paid under a Republican Congress.

Brian W. Schoeneman

That add merely reinforces Fimian's message. He's a businessman, not a politician, and he thinks like a businessman. When business works like it should, you only get paid well when you do a good job. That's his point.

Connolly, on the other hand, thinks he should get paid regardless of how well he does, and that $110 million Fimian is suggesting if Congress balances the budget is a drop in the bucket to the trillions Connolly has voted for since he took office.

It's also disingenuous to say he "said no to tax increases" when he voted for Obamacare which includes a whole slew of tax increases. He's trying to take credit for his stance on the Bush tax cuts, but fortunately he's never had to put his money where his mouth is because his patron, Speaker Pelosi, didn't bother scheduling a vote on the issue before they all went home to campaign.

Does Connolly think no one is going to fact check his BS?

can't take it

Boy oh Boy,ole connolly is really scraping the barrel. He secretly tapes a 'talk at the George Mason Republican meeting" population 10 and USES that as a basis for attack? Fimian was kidding --Connolly is a loser and is morally bankrupt! What goes around comes around creep!

Gretchen Laskas

---When business works like it should, you only get paid well when you do a good job.---

As someone who has spent all of her life in the private sector (as has all of my household income) the real problem with this sentence is "when business works like it should" but unfortunately, it rarely does. I often wonder if people who say they wished "Government would work more like a business" have actually ever worked in one.

Pansy Gerry

You know that old saying? If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen? Gerry just can't stand it and he is using this Mason CR meeting to lambaste Keith via an ad that is not even in the proper context? I think Keith gets it. Maybe Gerry should take a pay cut and a hike later on after passing a balanced budget instead of kicking that can down the road. Keith would never do that and that is the point of what he said. Pansy Gerry needs a vacation come November 2.

Dennis Pick

Fimian is a businessman and apparently believes that employees should be paid based on tangible results. If Fimian is really able to balance the budget, we'd save Billions! If a $250,000 bonus would provide some backbone to policians like Gerry, then let's give it a try - nothing else has worked.

Not Dick Cheney

Dennis, they could achieve the result for which you would pay the bonus by allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire and closing the Department of Defense. I doubt you would be happy with them doing it that way but that would earn them the bonus.

I think Gretchen has it right. Those who say they want government to work like a business haven't spent much time working in one. I have seen countless examples of businesses setting up pay and bonus plans that encourage behavior that is detrimental to the long term health of the business. And watched smart managers work the pay plan and then move on. Not a good model for our government to emulate.

Balance the budget while either throwing the economy into a tailspin or crippling defense? Government by silly soundbite or half baked idiot ideas like Fimian's doesn't work very well.

Businesses are not democracies. Nor should they be. But government in a democracy is inherently messy. It is part of the price of freedom.

Brian W. Schoeneman

Businesses aren't democracies? Depends on the business.


I don’t believe the term “government should work like a business” means a “failing” business. I think people mean just the opposite.

Why do some people always look for the negative?

Not Dick Cheney

Brian, businesses that are run like democracies don't tend to last very long. It's a little like the military in that regard. Not designed to function as a democracy.


I was at that meeting.

Fimian was talking about cutting Congressional pay but offering a "bonus" as an incentive to fix the problems in Washington.

Brian W. Schoeneman

NDC, every company that has shareholders has to act like a democracy.

I've seen this ad multiple times today on the network channels. Good to see Connolly wasting $1 million this week.


Speaking of “stupid” political moves.

Do any libs want to compare Obambi’s “hand to hand combat” comment today with Crabill’s “bullet box” statement???

Not Dick Cheney

Brian, the management is answerable to a board of directors (theoretically, although many boards act merely as rubber stamps for management) and through the board is accountable to the shareholders. This is a far cry from running the business like a democracy.

To return to the military analogy, the military is accountable to the people through our elected civilian government in a democracy. But you won't find any officers taking a vote before they issue an order. Just as you wont find many effective managers in business taking a vote on the decisions they were hired to make.

In business and the military information flows in both directions of the chain of command. But neither is run democratically.

Businesses aren't democracies. And no sensible person, having thought it through, would want our government run like a business.

Silly campaign rhetoric that says this is a swell idea doesn't make it so.

Gretchen Laskas

For the record, I wasn't speaking of failing companies. All of the companies my husband and I have been a part of have been long-standing successful ones. They haven't been democracies, however, even though I think we both have felt they valued our opinions as employees. We also both own stock in various companies, and believe me, "democracy" is stretching it.

I'm very pro-business, and none of my comments are to imply anything otherwise. But I'm with NDC on this: the government isn't business, and the President isn't the CEO of the United States. There are plenty of advantages to that, and some challenges.

Brian W. Schoeneman

NDC, who elects the board of directors? The shareholders. Who can fire the board of directors? The shareholders. It's democratic.

I get your point, but I guess I'm just nitpicking.

There are some areas where you can't run government like a business - the legislative branch. But there are others where you can. There are plenty of administrative agencies that could use a little good management.

Bottom line, regardless of what Keith said, Connolly's claims here are patently false and he deserves to get called out on them.

NoVA Moderate

Brian - It's only democratic to the extent that if you are rich you can buy a lot of stock and your "vote" counts as much as you own. By that logic, if you are rich in America, your vote counts. If you are too poor to own stock, then you don't get a vote. That's actually NOT the definition of "democratic." It's more like the definition of "feudalism."

Speling Lessin

Shouldn't it be "Stupidest" instead of "Stupidist?" Keep it up, Ben, and everyone is going to think you went to Robinson High School.

Not Larry Sabato

Lowell was the only one who noticed that yesterday- although unlike you, he understood the joke.


"NDC, every company that has shareholders has to act like a democracy."

Part of the problem in this country is that Democrats get elected by taking from the few and giving to the many so that the many will vote for them. That is why our social welfare programs are half of the spending. If our government only did what was constitutional, the budget would be less than half what it is.

He said what?

The Post caught Fimian's campaign red-handed.

The WaPo has updated its post on Connolly’s new ad showing Fimian calling for a $250,000 bonus for himself and Congress.

The updated version blows holes in Fimian’s claim that the comments were a “quip.”

It seems the WaPo was granted access to view a fuller version of the video clip, leading them to question whether Fimian’s statement was a quip or a policy statement.

This line from the Post pointed out "A fuller version of the video clip of Fimian at George Mason University, which was viewed by Virginia Politics but is not available to post, makes it unclear whether his comment about congressional bonuses was really a "quip," as his campaign contends. Fimian does not smile or laugh during his statement, nor does anyone in the audience."

Read for yourself

He said what?
Gretchen Laskas

I don't know what it is, but I'm assuming that Fimian at least has the tape and could release it at any time? Then we all could see what he was saying while he was using facilities at our tax-payer funded public university.

(grin) See, Coooch? We can all play that game....


This ad is really, really bad. Phew. It's gotta be a quip. No one would willingly say something as dumb as what Fimian is alleged to have said... would they? I'm not believing it.


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Benjamin Abruzzo

Really has anybody done the math (the Washington Post did)?

Okay, there are 435 Representatives who's base pay is $174k a year. Cut that to $50k and you save $54 million. Bonuses for all would cost $108.5 million. if the budget is ballanced in 2 years, we break even. If it never gets ballanced, we save $54 million a year in salary.

If we ballance it every year, it costs $108.5 million, but saves about $450 billion (2008 numbers) to $1.5 trillion (2009) numbers.

As for cutting spending, there's a lot of waste in all departments from DoD to DoE.


No is talking about Gerry. Gerry needs help.



One of the stupidist political ads i have ever seen.. Retweeted it :)

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