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Maybe Moran should share a cell with Delay. Throw in Waters and Rangel and some folks might begin to get the message.

Loudoun Insider


I can't believe you Dems tolerate these two brothers. Before any of you continue to crow about conflicts in the GOP, please toss these two out with the trash. Come on people, it's well past time for both parties to clean their own houses.


I'd still take Brian over Jim any day of the week...

Officer Krupkie

Move along, folks...nothing to see here.

not a virginia state senator

And what did Waters do to be included in this group? It seems that the Ethics committee backed off because thier case blew up in thier face...given the EMail her COF wrote and that all Banks of a similar size got similar aid....


not a virginia state senator - trust Waters is fighting fire with fire. The woman wasn't born yesterday, BUT we will soon learn who the real victor is in this tete - Waters or the People...

Outstanding post, NLS. Bet none of our Virginia lamestream media touches this story with a ten foot pole.

I always liked Brian. While serving in the House as during the Warner administration, Brian did some major heavy lifting on Warner's economic package. I can remember sitting in the balcony at the statehouse watching him work his caucus with a velvet glove...at least that is how it appeared from my vantage point.

It's really sad to learn he's gotten caught up in his older brother's crap; however, if congress critters weren't for sale to the highest bidder then Brian wouldn't have ever been affected. But congress is what it is and as Loudon Insider said " it's well past time for both parties to clean their own houses." Totally concur!

Thanks for your work on this story. Putting on my blog asap.


rup - my mind thinks faster than my fingers can type -

meant to say - "While serving in the House as [Minority Leader] during...

Not Ben Cline

Cline to ask for audit of Va. lottery
"Virginia Lottery officials, and not lottery winners, occupied luxury skybox seats at FedEx Field during the Washington Redskins game against Dallas Sept. 12, Del. Ben Cline said Tuesday, as he announced that he plans to ask for an audit of the state lottery."

Dave S

Isn't this just a rehash of the WaPo piece on this from the 09 campaign?


I know for a fact that the original in the Post was generated off a opposition research dump. I wonder if NLS was given the same info from a former opponent?

Seems to be old news.


(Disclosure: I used to work for Brian.)

Not Freud

Helen--Your mind doesn't work faster than your fingers can type. It may not work at all. Brian was NOT Minority Leader. He was House Democratic Caucus Chair.


Thank you Not Freud for correcting me along with the insult. Was this necessary? Don't bother to answer. I can already guess what it is.

Not Larry Sabato

David S, Actually if you read the headline you can see the major development since then (which I explain more in this story).

But yes, there has been concern around Brian's ethics on this issue from a number of places.

Dave S

My point is only that most readers of this blog, being informed folks, have known about the whole PMA/Magliochetti sh**show for... years.

I think it's difficult to call this an issue of "Brian's ethics." After all, he's not the one trying to gain favor; it's, at least in theory, the donors. Brian only has an ethics problem if he agreed to talk to his brother about issues in exchange for campaign donations, which no one has ever demonstrated a shred of evidence for. And on the other side, the potential donors would ethical problems if they made such a request. That's a very different thing from what we have here.

Of course, the clear implication is either that BJM *did* do that or it's simply a guilt by association argument. So If you want to make the accusation, go ahead and make it clearly, don't insinuate it. But if you're going to make a case for guilt by association, that's kind of disappointing.

And, for what it's worth, I'm not surprised in the slightest that BJM and Jim have overlapping donors - -they have overlapping districts! And clearly share constituencies, friends, etc.


(Disclosure: I used to work for Brian.)

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