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Ben, From a conservative Republican, please pass along my sincere thanks to the folks in the room there who just elected the biggest boob (idiot, not Cuccinelli lapel pin) in the Democrat ranks to be party chair! Thank you Thank you THANK YOU!!! This will be the gift that keeps on giving!

Ghost of RWR

Amen, BM.

Joe Taylor

Thank You, Virginia Democrats! Can't wait to take back the Senate.


Ben, I sincerely hope that you are wrong on this one because it would be bad for the Commonwealth. I hope that Brian Moran has the good sense to listen to Peter Rousselot and tap his good counsel as to how to activate the Democratic base and run solid Democratic committees across the state. If he does we may get the best of both worlds.


Thanks for that report, Mr. Little. Now let's go to Ducky Lucky in the WeatherCenter.

Brian W. Schoeneman

This is the best news I've heard all month.

Gretchen Laskas

Eh, both parties seem to thrive on the almost bi-polar gloom and doom contrasted with an occasional high. But in the end, most of us who have been fighting these fights for decades know it isn't about how we feel, but what we think. I was hoping for a different result, but I'm willing to let things play out and hope for the best (while preparing for the worst, but then, I like to do that every election, whether for the DPVA Chair or my local school board member.)

J. Tyler Ballance

Abbi Easter hosted both of these gentleman at separate Richmond luncheons, last month.

Mr. Rousselot demonstrated that he has more of a collaborative style, while Mr. Moran was more of a hard driven, practiced motivator of others as a team leader.

Both men are highly talented leaders, yet they employ different tools to win races.

The DPVA would have been equally well served with either man at the helm.

Mr, Moran will be a high energy, telegenic leader for the Virginia Democratic Party. His first challenge is to get all of those who have been participating in circular firing squads since the last election, to get back on board and get busy recruiting superb candidates for next November's election.

Senator John Miller, who also spoke at the SCC in Newport News is a genuine rising star in Virginia, who would make a wonderful Governor. See the video of the SCC at:


Loudoun Insider

The Moran Borthers now effectively control the Democratic Party in Virginia. You Dems must be so proud!



My first inclination as a Republican is to share in the jubilation like the first few posts, but in the spirit of bipartisanship (and still having fresh memories of the Jeff Frederick era) I must nevertheless offer my sympathies. ;)


Kudos to SouthsideCentral for the funniest damn comment I've seen on any blog in a long time. I laughed loud enough that my apolitical wife who doesn't even always vote looked at me funny, and I couldn't begin to explain to her why.

I really don't know how people here can even begin to develop an informed opinion on who should be state party chair without personal or other inside knowledge of party matters. I somehow doubt everyone commenting here has that, especially since this is entirely an inside game to begin with; hardly any voters know or care who a party's state chairman is, so there's no issue of presenting a public face. Ben on paper should have some inside knowledge, but Ben has a lot of petty personal grudges that cloud his opinions so I can't accept his view merely on its face.

Old Harry

Brian Moran,

The better of the two brothers but that is pretty damn easy to be.

May think he knows all of Virginia but while he knows more than his opponent did, he is very sadly lacking.

Will do an OK job, will hopefully not hire anyone like the past ED who condoned taking an icepick to opponents tires.

As a Republican, I love the choices you had. No one from fifty miles away from D.C. wanted anything to do with it !

If the State Senate is as greedy as they were in 1991 when they last controlled redistricting there, look for the GOP to take the Senate again in 2011.

Lee Diamond

Apparently, Ben and I agree on something. I have intentionally stayed away from Ben because I do not like the way he operates, but he is smart.

DPVA does not give a fucking shit about winning. The George Burkes et al just want to know that they are in control THE FUCKING END

Lee Diamond


Lee Diamond, a blast from the past. He must be off his meds.


Don't knock Brian Moran. With him in charge, the Dems will still be in control in (parts of) Alexandria and Arlington!

Lee Diamond

Hey Curious,

You Punk Ass Coward. Step out of your hole. You don't even flow through a sewage system.


Curious, you have a funny (or should I say curious) way of reaching out to the netroots/ grassroots, by taunting them rather than saying Brian will work to be a leader for all Virginia Democrats

Why is it that even after you win you can't get out of the gutter? You are acting like a hack and alienating the base with your gloating rather than pausing to consider if maybe DPVA elites have been making some mistakes not listening to the good government, populist, reform sentiments of the grassroots

With Friends Like These

Curious=George Burke

Loudoun Insider

Great tweet, Ben!!!

"No, Brian Moran, I am not returning your call. See you soon at Paul Magliocchetti's sentencing?"

I wanted to do a post about the new junta ruling DPVA these days, the nefarious Moran Brothers, but could not find one photo of those two together alone - does one exist???

Not Larry Sabato

I think the guy in the middle is named Craig Fifer Moran, but not positive.

Loudoun Insider

That's so damn hilarious! That was the best one I found after a lot of Google image searching, but wish it didn't have the other dude in it. Maybe I'll make him an official part of the junta anyway.

Not Larry Sabato

He's actually one of the Vice Chair's of DPVA- so it wouldn't be a big stretch.

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