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Byrne Baby Byrne!!!

I know Tim was mean to poor ol' Leslie but seriously, get over it. No one thinks this is cute or funny.


Tim Kaine is a piece of crap. I look forward to voting against him in the primary.

Aimee Fausser

Any Dem but Kaine! Let's get a real challenge going!


Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the eyebrow does not repeat.


Fox is a native Canadian. Isn't their vaunted socialist health care system working on a cure? Why was he not getting the meds to stop his uncontrolled movements? Surely he can afford them, since they are so much cheaper in Canada.

McDonald's Brain

I'd give Tim Kaine the right of first refusal any day!

McDonald's Brain

I like how you changed your top sub-topic, Ben! Anyone but Kaine, jajajajajaja!

I think he would do a great job, but I would be excited to back Tom P., too!

What are your thoughts on Bobby S. going for it? I think he would make a great Senator, but haven't heard his name thrown out once.


Jeebus H. tap dancing Christ!

Ben, if you keep going this far over the top the altitude is going to give you a nose bleed.

I truly hope Tom Perriello runs. I think he can win and he is the kind of person we need in Washington. But Kaine is hardly the evil spawn of Satan you make him out to be and it would be a no brainer to vote for him over Allen or any of the other Republican "luminaries" who may get in the race.

I just hope this isn't the start of one of those 60 or 70 part series of posts like the ones aimed at Connolly.

Kaine has said he is not interested in running for the Senate. The president is clearly leaning on Kaine to run. We'll see if he succeeds.

The Democrats can hold the Senate in 2012 but it is not going to be easy. Lots of ground to defend because of the strong performance in 2006. I would prefer Perriello but I'd take just about anyone if it means retaining the Senate.


I am a Republican who will be voting for GFA in the primary (or convention) and the general. (Full-disclosure)
But speaking objectively, who is a better candidate than Tim Kaine right now? Although Mark Warner is still the most popular political figure in VA, he can't hold two seats concurrently and the Dems bench just isn't that deep.
Everyone is forgetting that GFA lost in 2006 by only 10,000 votes AFTER running the worst and most gaffe-ridden campaign in modern history. And that was compounded by the fact that 2006 was the worst year for the GOP in a very long time.
In 2012, things will even out. Barack's approval will come back to normal levels, we'll see a more even playing-field and Republicans will lose some of the seats that they won "by accident" in 2010.
Tim "The Democratic Jim Gilmore" Kaine is a pretty bad candidate, and if he faced anyone not named Jerry Kilgore in 2005 he would have gotten his teeth kicked in. But who is better right now? None of the typical re-treads or darlings of DPVA have any pull outside of Richmond or NOVA. McEachin, Chap, Byrne? Forget about it. The Democrats need to look to the same formula that gave them Jim Webb and Mark Warner. Outside the box; Retired military; Moderate; Businessman; Sellable personal story. Simply being an opponent of the Iraq War is not going to carry the day in 2012. And if you think beating a knee-capped, ill-advised, accident-prone, arrogant George Allen in the worst year for Republicans since Nixon was a "feat" -- try it in 2012.


MichaelT., clearly the best candidate for the Democrats is Tom Perriello.

I also say this as someone who will (almost positively) be voting for the GOP in 2012.

Kaine's got nothing on him, really. Perriello would frankly destroy Kaine in a debate (if they both ran). And could beat Allen if he's 'our' nominee. Did you skip over him for a reason?


I have nothing against Periello's strength as a candidate. I am looking however for an instance of when a candidate lost a re-election bid and subsequently won a higher office in his very next race.


Please list all treatments derived from embryonic stem cell research.

Please fit it in this space: []

It should be all the space you need.


MichaelT, what's amusing about your characterization of Kaine is that your guy Allen is at least as weak.

Allen barely scraped by with 52% against mortally wounded Chuck Robb, then lost to a guy with zero name recognition who hates campaigning and fundraising and had never run for anything in his life. That's not to diss Webb who I respect and like, but to point out he was not an objectively strong candidate in the first place, just the strongest the Dems could find in what appeared a longshot in the first half of 2006.

Kaine at least finished his Governorship with good job approvals, actually much better than a lot of Governors around the country given the depths of the depression in Kaine's final months. And if Virginia allowed consecutive terms, he would've been tough to beat for reelection, even by McDonnell.

Meanwhile, I'm amused by Ben's meltdown in the face of Kaine possibly accepting the responsibility of running for this Senate seat. I like Tim Kaine just fine, he's no hero or villain to me but just an honest man and good Democrat with his heart in the right place and a good record behind him that satisfies most voters.


Althogh teh winds may change, Kaine is so closely associated with Obama -- and has been recorded saying nice things about Obama and his programs, that he is not a viable candidate now. ANd Periello -- no way, no chance, no how he can win. Isn't there someone else? Business person,state legislator, doctor, lawyer (no, scratch that)... tinker tailor soldeir spy? New face time, people!

Byrne Baby Byrne!!!

I don't get this "Kaine is weak candidate" thing. At all. He's won two statewide races, polls showed that he probably would have beaten McDonnell if he'd been able to run for re-election. He can raise an amazing amount of money. And sorry to break it to you, but whoever is the Democratic nominee will be tethered to Obama, Kaine's presence doesn't change that at all.

And for all of those people who say that beating Kilgore doesn't count let's not forget that Jerry beat the beloved Don McEachin by 20 points.

Rtwng Extrmst

"and if that means some people with these diseases need to die then screw them."

Besides the fact that Human Embryonic Stem cell research has yet to cure any disease, can you tell me why Tim Kaine should favor killing one human being to possibly cure another?

Also, you imply by your statement that Tim Kaine opposes all forms of "stem cell" research. Is that accurate?

Either way, I hope Kaine runs because I believe he will get his butt kicked after his last dismal few years as DNC chair.

Lovettsville Lady

So sorry that Tim Kaine is the best your party can do. :(


I don't care so much that Tim Kaine is a weak candidate as that he's got a record of policy weakness...

...mistake that he was elected in the first place.

Valley Indie

Wolfwood's comment...


James Young

Without getting into the merits of Kaine --- oh, wait, I just did --- your headline is a lie, Ben. There is a huge distinction between EMBRYONIC stem cell research, and stem cell research. As far as I know, Kaine only opposes government funding of the former. NO ONE opposes the latter.

Grimm's Tales

Laying aside the disingenuous presentation of the issue, if one adopts the apparent rationale of the post then one must also oppose all senators (38-count 'em all save Barker & Locke)who voted for the Joint Conference committee report which contained the lanuage which has NLS' shorts in a knot. Looks like that disqualifies a lot of his favorites--Petersen, Saslaw, etc.

As a matter of fact on final passage in the House it would disqualify all members save Cole and Gear...."Senator Cole" now there's an image that one could use to frighten small children!

Hoya Boy

Why does Ben hate Kaine so much? I don't understand.


In fairness to Kaine, he opposes embryonic stem cell research. A lot of people do. What else ya got, Ben?

Matt Letourneau

Again, facts mean nothing to you. But the facts are that federal research dollars are a zero sum game. Millions of dollars have been invested in embryonic stem cell research with very little progress. Far less has been invested in adult stem cell research with considerably MORE progress.

If this were really about saving lives, rather than political agendas, than you would support zero funding for embryonic stem cell research so that we can invest our resources in more promising technologies. But, as you say, if some people have to die so that Ben Tribbet can have a crusade against a particular candidate, then..so be it. Right?

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