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Mark Warner needs to run for governor again! It seemed more suited to his personality than being a senator.

Gordon Sumner

Where has Ken made "it official?"


First governor…… then president.


YAWN! We all knew when he won for AG he was going to run for Governor!

A Voter

Change - I'm with you. Cuccinelli for Governor/President!

kelley in virginia

ok, so who are the Dems gonna run?


Why does Chap's video not do a Google search for Ken's Obamacare lawsuit? Oh yeah, that's popular. Gov. Cooch!

Ghost of RWR



Coooch is a DICKtator and has ties to white supremacist Larry Pratt.

just the facts

Chubber, because the lawsuit against the UVA professor was so brazenly intrusive to academic freedom, smacked of a witchhunt and belies Cooch's "I'm all about liberty" schtick


Just the (incorrect) facts -- There was no lawsuit against the professor. There is a request for documentation to UVA to determine whether the professor falsified information and committed fraud while conducting research on the taxpayers' dime. Remember -- the emails about using a "trick" to "hide the decline"? If this guy were the finance director for a listed company and use those tactics, he'd be run up on securities charges. And now we have a second tranche of emails further showing the shenanigans these guys were up to. What is it with Dems and turning a blind eye to government fraud and waste?

Mandrake's ghost

Cuccinelli vs. Bolling--Two scorpions in a bottle!

just the facts

What is it with Republicans and turning a blind eye to private sector fraud and waste? Why did Cuccinelli not pursue the mortgage firms and banks for the fraudulent robosigning like most AGs? And why did he fail to go after a fraudulent veterans charity that contributed 50k to his campaign despite having been widely exposed as a sham charity? Wait, I answered my question.

Also why did Ken Cuccinelli try to challenge the constitutionality of the state's protection and advocacy agency investigating the abuse of the disabled in state institutions when the lawsuit was authorized by previous state statute? No less a conservative jurist than Antonin Scalia laughed Cooch out of court in an unusually wide 6-3 decision. (VOPA v. Stewart)

Showing that when it comes to protecting individual rights and consumers, Ken Cuccinelli is indeed a very bad AG!


Just the facts is 100% correct!


Just the (wrong) facts: Um, Cuccinelli is investigating mortgage firms for robo signing, part of a 50-state investigation:


The AG's office is investigating the veterans charity, from which Cuccinelli has (correctly) recused himself:


And I'm not quite certain what you're getting at with VOPA -- the issue there was whether one Commonwealth entity could be sued by another in federal court, or if the suit is barred by the 11th Amendment. Didn't that dispute pre-date Cuccinelli anyway, and didn't Chief Justice Roberts write the dissent? So, that's what you'll be running against Cooch? Good luck condensing that into a sound bite.


So I take it the prevailing view here is that apparent fraud, by researchers on the public dime, shouldn't be investigated? The latest emails show these guys conspiring to destroy emails in the face of FOIA demands.


Hey CHUBS, that "foreclosure probe" article is from Oct 2010!

What has the Coooch done since then??? JACK SHIT!

Nice lip service but no dice.

Coooch is proly a bendover for the banks and Koch as he is for Larry Pratt and his KKK buddies.

just the facts

Scalia ruled that Virginia had previously authorized the suit by statute. And the soundbite is Cooch defended a state agency that let three disabled people die or get severely physically abused by invoking a claim that the Supreme Court (led by Scalia) dismissed as frivolous. Really there for vulnerable populations and the culture of life, eh? Chubber.

Spock's right on the robosigning. And unlike other AGs who actually went after this fraudulent veterans charity guy, Cooch changed the law to make it easier to pull his scam and then only reversed and recused himself under extreme pressure. Truly a paragon of ethics and virtue, right?


Just the Facts- lest we forget the knee pads Coooch uses for Americans for Prosperity aka he's Koch sucking ...


My Grandma once told me that you know someone has lost an argument when they break out the potty language and anal sex/dick-sucking references. Actually, she didn't tell me that, but it does apply to Spock.


LULZ, Chubber lost the game...


Nah, I think the guy with the first reference to Charles Koch's dong has pretty much lost the day.


Chubs- I said "Koch sucker" which is a widely used expression in reference of those who bow to the bougie trash Koch brothers.

I never mentioned dongs nor did I mention the low life scumbag Charles Koch by name.

Looks like Chubs has fantasies ......and looks like these days of the billionaires is about to crash around your greedy heads! OCCUPY!


Wow, I missed a second dong reference from our (il)logical friend, above:

"Coooch is a DICKtator and has ties to white supremacist Larry Pratt."

Dude, time to shut that laptop and find a date!


...and you call yourself "Chubber"....LULZ!

A Voter

Wow... nice to see the Dem's true face in these comments. No need for content, when you can resort to sexual references and potty language.

I can only hope that the Democrat nominee for governor has the same attitude and decorum as you guys.

Cuccinelli for Governor 2013!

just the facts

A voter, Cooch's record, as I have detailed cleanly above is the real obscenity.

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