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Agreed, I am sure mr. ed (the talking ass) will play this clip tonight to prove the insensitivity of d’s in the VA legislature. With guests from the brady group and victims from columbine…. (end sarcasm)


Yeah, definitely bad timing on the joke. Whether Mr. Ed talkes about it or not, I don't know.


Until this session, I had no idea of the "hilarity" that was Virginia politics.



With the decline in the quality of discourse in American politics, I don't think anyone should joke about shooting anyone. Was this a high school cafeteria or an actual session held by our elected officials?

Not Scott Surovell

Since timeliness w/ the Ohio shooting makes this seem massively inappropriate, it should be noted for the record that this happened almost two weeks ago on the floor.

Not exactly sure why this is getting posted right now - probably trying to coattail on the Albo (non)controversy.


This is my first time blogcommenting. I live in Manassas, 24y/o and have voted for Jackson Miller in every election I have been eligible. I also have a friend who died at Virginia Tech from gun violence. When I first watched this, I recognized Delegate Miller's voice as one that was screaming "shoot him". Joking about gun violence when you KNOW you have constituents who have dealt with the pain of losing someone was not something I expected of my Delegate. Jackson, if you are reading this know that you have one voter here that will never, ever, ever vote for you again.

Loudoun Insider

Who knew the HOD was so full of comedians???

just the facts

Not Scott Surrovell, this is shameful rhetoric regardless of the timing. As drs said, shouting shoot him on the floor of the General Assembly, knowing full well that too many Virginians have experienced the tragedy of gun violence is despicable! If it was indeed Jackson Miller who shouted that, he should be held accountable at the ballot box. If a Dem was to shout shoot him at a Republican I'd say the same thing.....

Larry Sabato's Hairpiece

Oh my God. Do any of you people (and this goes for both sides of the aisle) have a sense of humor? Do you really think anyone who shouted out "Shoot him," meant it? Even Surovell was laughing in the video. Why is it that a moment of levity has to ping everyone's over-sensitive nerves and become a major issue? Are their times when humor is inappropriate? Sure. It can cross the line. I know I have. But the outrage over this is so over the top. It either indicates an incredible level of sensitivity to everything or a desire to make anything and everything a partisan issue.

And for drs, if you could tell from that video who that generic voice was, you either have much better ears than I do or have just impressed your own belief on an ambiguous voice. I have met most members of the Assembly, i have repeatedly played this clip, and I honestly could not tell you who it was. The voice sounded pretty indistinctive to me.

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