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Do not give Virginia Republican lawmakers any ideas! Erase the video before they see it!

Also (in)appropriate
state dems

Goodbye to any support for the state caucus from me.
"Two Democrats — Sen. Charles Colgan (Prince William) and Phil Puckett (Russell) — voted with Republicans."

Bubby Hussein, Hillbilly Sheikh

Don't be a passive-aggressive weenie "state dems"; take your fight directly to Colgan and Puckett. Just like WomensStrikeForce!


State dem your not a passive aggressive. I agree where the party and caucus leadership on these votes? This is not a simple issues crossover vote this is antithetical to the Democratic platform and basic women's rights.
If Puckett doesn't want an abortion then he can decide that right for himself. But these two do not, I repeat do not get support from me. In fact because of the lack of whip on this issue I agree no money to the senate caucus

Gordon Sumner

For you guys who are ripping Puckett, what can you do about it? He just won reelection in the face of a tough challenge. He's in line with his district. Aside from Radford, I'm guessing the overwhelming majority of his constituents have no issue with this.

If you want to cultivate a statewide party, then you have to accept that you will have a few members in either House who are anti-abortion. Puckett's left-of-center on most issues. Do you think you would be faring better with Adam Light?

Triathlow/TT Bikes

Lets not forget when Democrats took over in 2007, they did not follow the proportional rule on committees. This is despite John Chichester’s previous policy of complete even handedness on committees.

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