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Mike K.

When 3rd party candidates frustrate the outcome of elections it is a shame. I said it w/ Nader in 2000 and I said it w/ Perot in 1992. That said, I believe that every candidate deserves a place at the table.
The solution that many states employ for state-level races is a "run-off." For those who don't know a run-off is where the top 2 vote-getters square off against eachother at a later date if neither one got 50% on the first ballot.
My first choice would be a national popular vote -- but in lieu of that, it would be great to see a system where you have to win 50% to get the electoral votes from a state. Maybe run-offs are the answer.


Goode is a nothingburger, he and all other minor candidates will combine for 1% just like last time. The winner (most likely Obama) will break 50%.


There's actually been pretty extensive survey research by both the Gallup organization and Hart Research that shows Ross Perot's voters in 1992 would have divided fairly equally between Clinton and G.H.W. Bush had Perot not been on the ballot. And, thus, the election results would have been the same, a Clinton victory.

The myth that Perot cost Bush the elder the election has mostly been propagated by folks who viewed, or wanted to present, Clinton's presidency as illegitimate.


Words fail.


What isn't a myth is that Nader almost certainly cost Gore the election in 2000. I seriously doubt that more than a handful who voted for Nader in Florida would have voted for Bush instead. You can argue that they may not have voted at all if Nader wasn't there, but when you're talking a few hundred votes out of millions, even a handful would have tipped the scales for Gore.

It's interesting, I can see Goode being a real spoiler for Romney. I think Obama will be over 50% in Virginia anyways, but even a 1% cushion would be beneficial.

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maybe...this is a sign of the apocalypse?


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Alexander Hamilton

If GOP voters actually liked Romney this probably wouldn't be a big deal, but the fact that so many are uncomfortable with him -- and who can blame them? -- might give Goode some legs as an alternative to Romney.

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lambert strether

"When 3rd party candidates frustrate the outcome of elections it is a shame."

Classic legacy party mindset.


If Nader cost the Democrats the 2000 election, how come the Democratic Party continued to move rightward? Mr. O's policies are virtually indistinguishable from his predecessor's. Evidently the Democratic leadership was not impressed by anything Nader did.


That is hilarious. I sure hope Goode gets on the ballot. Romney has almost no chance without Virginia.

Independent Green Party

Thanks for the Post about the Independent Green Party of Virginia.

The Independent Green Party is celebrating 11 years as a recognized state Party. The Indy Greens put five candidates on the 2012 ballot for U.S. House. The Independent Green Party will have more 2012 nominees for that office on the ballot in Virginia than any party (other than the two larger parites) since 1916. Back in 1916, the Socialist Party had nominees in nine of the ten districts.

The Independent Green Party petition drives are being helped by the fact that this is the first year that circulators need not live in the candidate’s district, since 1980. The district residency requirement for circulators was declared unconstitutional earlier this year in Lux v Judd.


Yes Virgil Goode is for More Trains, Less Traffic - the Indy Greens key issue.
Here's Virgil Goode's More Trains Less Traffic youtube video

Independent Green Party

The Independent Green Party over their 11 years as a recognized state party have put many conservative Independent Greens on the ballot. In just the last cycle 2010 - several conservative members of the Independent Green Party of Virginia were on the ballot for congress both as Independents and Indy Greens. Indy Greens ran in each of the 11 congressional districts in 2010. In the 9th district by the North Carolina and Tennessee border the Indy Greens gathered the signatures from Bristol to Blacksburg put Jerimiah Heaton on the ballot. In 2010 the Indy Greens also put the conservative Jeff Clark on the ballot in the 5th district. It runs from North Carolina border to north of Charlottesville. The 2nd congressional district chairman of the Independent Green Party of Virginia - retired Navy Commodore Kenny Golden was on the ballot. Retired U.S. Air Force veteran John Kelly, the Independent Green Party 3rd congressional district chairman was also on the ballot for congress. So it is incorrect to write that the Indy Greens are only in northern Virginia. The Indy Greens more conservative politics are in fact greatly influenced by the conservative south side military veterans that hold much influence, and occupy the Indy Green central committee.

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