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Been waiting for this one.

Someone screwed the pooch on this one in 2011. I don't know if they were hoping for a better candidate or what, but they ended up with someone that non-Blacksburgians and those in the district who aren't hardcore progressives only knew as The Guy Who Killed Wal-Mart. It would have been the most accessible store to much of not just Blacksburg, but also surrounding areas north of the town. Now, some progressives will read that and be happy, but whether you like it or not, a lot more people regarded that as a negative thing than a positive thing (those outside our liberal bubbles, that is). That's just what it was. Explaining this away to people who aren't activist-inclined is a waste of time. Most people want cheaper, easily-accessible goods.

Of course, this is really just what I gleaned. Maybe I'm wrong. I also heard rumors about other things I'd rather not mention, as it's mostly just hearsay from individuals.

The best candidate would be one tied to the area that people can't tie to a sort of "Blacksburg Bubble" (which exists in many minds around the area) who is still in-line with party values. Shouldn't be hard. Time is running short, though.

I will say that I received a person assurance from Yost last year that he would NOT vote for Bob Marshall's personhood bill, because he "had a health care background and understood it was a bad bill" (health care background? Huh?).

Well... http://lis.virginia.gov/cgi-bin/legp604.exe?121+vot+HV0656+HB0001


No excuses.... Dems need to get into this race early with a strong and visible candidate to contrast with Yost the Ghost who was impossible to pin down because he basically skipped virtually every public forum in the district. In addition to aholtwilliams' observations, my sources say that Langhehr was a subpar campaigner who didn't have the fire in the belly for going door to door introducing himself,and standing up for his values.


Someone serious needs to declare for this seat yesterday...or some day very soon. I know the Montgomery County party isn't empty. Wake up.


Any activity on this seat? A candidate announcement ought to happen sooner rather than later....

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