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Chris Guy

Get this: I live in the 1st CD and voted at Battlefield Elementary in Spotsylvania Co. But on the voting machines my choices were the 7th CD candidates.


Is that the same John Frey who wants to be Virginia's next Attorney General? Hmmmm...very interesting...very, very interesting.


It's not the first time his jury office has messed up. My jury notice notice had a date crossed out, and a new date handwritten. As a potential jurors, I was to call to see if my pool was to appear for duty. When I called, my number wasn't listed, but it was close. I figured that the next week - the last week for my pool - would see my number chosen. To my surprise, my last week of jury duty was supplanted by the next jury pool. A new set of jurors was called when my group was still supposed to be available. Thinking that I might have misunderstood something - and not wanting to be arrested for contempt of court for failing to appear for duty - I wrote a letter to his office asking for clarification. And this is when what I consider the worst mistake/offense happened. His office NEVER responded to my letter. Mistakes happen, but Mr. Frey doesn't run an office that is responsive to the public. Verdict? Guilty of unprofessionalism, disorganization, and unresponsiveness. Sentence? Fire him. Isn't he up for re-election in 2015?


Ok - when did Frey ask for him to be removed? Because they can't do crap 90 days out from a federal election.

Oh and PS - DMV sucks!

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