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Considering all of the talented civic leaders in Roanoke, it's disappointing that the city's Delegate is so underwhelming, self-interested, and just downright uninvolved in the job.


Just for the record, the 2001 redistricting placed Dick Cranwell and me in the same district--Dick lives in Roanoke County, Vic and I lived in the same precinct in Roanoke City. The district that Dick and I were in was heavily Democratic. I offered to retire but Dick said that he felt that he should. I was reelected in 2001. I turned 65 in 2003 and after 24 years in the House, I decided to "term limit" myself. Our friend Vic retired the same year. I tell people that I may be out of office but I'm damn well not out of politics. The recent election was a triumph for all of us. But we are only as good as the next election...you have to earn it each time.....Chip Woodrum


My bad Delegate Woodrum, I forgot this was your seat and the 17th was the one Vic Thomas took. Sorry about that.


That's no problem, Ben. I just wanted to keep the record accurate...By the way, since January, 2004, I have not been"Delegate" Woodrum. I've never believed in an "imperial delegateship." The title & office is given by the people and is held at their sufferance. when I retired it was given back. Why don't you call me "Chip"?


You got it- and thanks again- corrected the post above. I should have remembered you ran in 2001- because I was managing Chap Petersen's campaign that year and the Democratic Caucus sent out a mailing in our district touting "Chip Petersen" that they had also sent out into your district and forgotten to change the first name when it was sent to Fairfax.



I think (subject to Chip's recollection) what you may have been remembering was that the original draft had Dickie Cranwell and Vic Thomas in the same district, but it was amended to put Dickie and Chip in the same district. I think.


Tyler's recollection is correct according to my aging memory.

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