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If Cuccinelli has a negative effect on the GOP ticket, do you still think Bell would help upticket in the Albemarle precincts? Also what are the next districts to come? Are we looking at the remaining upper Shenadoah seats next? Or Facquier, remainder of Loudoun & PWC & into NOVA?


Next up- 29th, 15th, 31st, 18th, then on to Fairfax.



I've asked many folks and can't get an answer.....what happened to Paul Harris? The guy left this seat for DOJ. He made a very brief appearance a couple of years ago with AFP. But....the guy was a good politician and a rising star in the GOP and then....poof.....he's pretty much been nonexistent. TIA.


NRH- Great question. I have no idea, but it must be a great story.


If you ever get the scoop, please post it.

To me, the 58th, as currently constituted, is Lucy with the football for the D's. There's something that looks mildly attractive about the district...."If we just got the right candidate".....but that football's gonna be pulled away every single time.


Clearly the Farriss seat is far more suceptible to a Dem takeover than this one. Not Robert Hurt is right this isn't a winner for the Dems

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