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But the 1 from the 8-1 is McEachin, which seems to undermine your theory.


Well, of the 3 above, Northam is the one that, IMO, most needs to stay in the race. I was enamored with Chopra after meeting him and talking a few times about automation projects at my current employer, but the more I read, the more he doesn't seem to care much about issues beyond how he can tie "technology" (in a general sense) to it. I can't confirm this, but according to a trusted friend with LIUNA in Virginia who's met with Chopra, he's almost certainly even more radical on education (vouchers, shoving kids who don't have special ed programs at their base school into online schools which have been sketchy at best in states like Florida, private tax credits for scholarships which take money out of the general education fund) than even most of the Republican caucus seems ready to admit.


@Aholtwilliams could you message me and share more about Chopra's approach to special ed?


I'm sorry Ben but your post here is folly.

We didn't win or lose based on whether a black candidate was on the ticket in any of those years.

We've lost A.G. every time, it's been over a generation since we won an election for that office.

And we won L.G. last in 2001 only because Kaine's opponent was a far right lunatic.

The Governor's races also were based on their own individual circumstances, with Warner winning because voters hated the outgoing incumbent GOPer, and Kaine winning because Kilgore came off badly to suburbanites. Of course Warner and Kaine also ran very good campaigns, not to take away from that, too.

But McEachin wasn't essential to Warner, and a black candidate downballot wasn't going to save Deeds or Beyer.

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