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Shaun Broy

January 15, 2013

Mr. Tribbett,

I think that your attempt to promote my political activities as a “freak show” is a very low blow coming from an individual who has also recently been questioned and publicly attacked for his “crazy” actions against the party. The figure who has frequently and very publicly slammed the DPVA for various actions that just didn't end up in a that was to your satisfaction, now tries to divert such opinion upon one of those who had publicly showed his support.

The story here is told through the very narrow channel of hearsay and meant to be as damaging to my reputation and political future as possible. If you were interested in telling a complete and factual narrative, with some basis of truth to anchor your reasoning behind the decision making process that I went through in regards to running for whatever office, you would have made an attempt to contact me in a professional manner to at least show some actual concern for seeking truth or showing that of concern beyond this intentional ploy based on the hope of many buying into the fable of what you preach.

The circus you portray is that of a hearsay driven, attention grabbing stunt, designed to intentionally destroy my reputation with those individuals who happen to still believe that you don't belong in your own padded cell. It is a shameless piece of a rambling wreck of tangled tiny bits and pieces of reality. This is a written fictional tale, based on the use of smoke and mirrors to convince the public that I am mentally unstable. I'd advise you to base future opinions in which you decide to publish on the factual evidence that surrounds each item you point out. A rational individual would immediately ask a simple question of the person in which you slander so confidently, maybe ask it a few times over before moving forward with publishing such a ton of pure rubbish. Did you even think before you typed? Did you even consider the consequences before you hit save. Did you even think of asking a simple one word question before you unleashed the Hell that was you desire?

W-H-Y? I would have been more than happy to talk with you and answering that question many times over. You left truth out of your opinion and showed no regard for fact. You demonstrated clear intent to slander, insult, hurt and cause as much damage to my reputation as humanly possible. All you had to do was show some regard to the value of “truth” and to go along with such disregard, proved no interest in investigating or reaching out to me in order for someone that you slammed so viciously to have an opportunity to answer any question posed or action that you accused me of confirmed.

You have a right to your opinion, as you have conjured up quite a picture of intentional comedic folly. If you wanted an actual story, based on any degree of fact and not of a horrid slander of hearsay, then you simply would have contacted me in order to allow the person you somehow attempt to express some concern, to help connect the dots of that which you failed to understand, with something that was based on something, anything close to the truth of the matter.

I think that wasting anymore time than you have invested in putting together this absurd distortion of the truth, clearly manipulating my name, distorting actions, fudging falsehoods and creating quite an extravagant tangled web of pure fiction, narrated as you saw fit, as a means to intentionally target from behind and with such wicked malice invested in intent, violently stab someone who has done nothing harmful at all towards with a bloody dagger designed to destroy the reputation of someone who wished no ill will against you Mr. Tribbett.

Your actions are quite frankly below you, which I must draw attention to the fact that to be “below you,” is pretty darn low for someone who had already dug his own grave, as the entire state watched what is now left of such a reputation, as it plunged faster than that of the Titanic's wreckage towards the ocean floor.

One would think that all things being considered, a man who no doubt has the intellect to know better, having experienced such unwarranted attacks against him with the same sort of disregard for the truth, labeled by the establishment as they felt necessary, would be so very careful about any type of stones he would decide to throw.


Shaun Broy


There's no shame in using as few words as possible to express yourself. "I disagree, your proof is dubious, y'all are out to get me" would have sufficed.

Shaun Broy

@Aholtwilliams... I agree. Very true. I did end up wasting too much time in the first place.


That response was amazing. Thanks Shaun.


" I agree. Very true. I did end up wasting too much time in the first place."

I appreciate your candor?

Chad Parker

Wow. . .what a sad, sad man.

As if the silly social media antics and the unnecessarily verbose response wasn't enough. . .


C'mon. No-name dude needs to get over himself. And learn how to spell.

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