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How regressive is the gas tax compared to the sales tax? Consider the large number of lower income individuals who aren't hit by the gas tax, be they senior citizens who either rarely or never drive, or college students living on or near campus and only sporadically drive, or low paid workers dependent on public transportation.

And finally ...



Interesting arguments VirginiaLib. You should consider the census data though which shows the working poor being forced into exurban communities where they can afford to live- thus needing to spend more and more on gasoline.


Now THAT is something worth considering. There are the "stereotypical" working poor, for lack of a better description, in traditional metropolitan areas like Hampton Roads and Richmond. But especially in Northern Virginia, the working poor are being pushed further and further out into the exurbs. How do we address both groups with fairness?


I'd say by eliminating the sales tax on groceries like discussed above. That would help them more than any of these other changes would cost them.


I'm still not happy about shifting away from a user pays approach to transportation, but if this needs the support of any Democratic Senator in order to pass (in the off chance there's some random Republican who might vote against it), I hope they make the elimination of the sales tax on groceries their price, instead of something else silly.

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