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You've written smart comments on this subject the last couple days, Ben. Thanks.

I'm curious about how McDonnell considered, and his party and allies will react, to the reality that he's proposing an explicit tax increase. There's no spinning to the contrary based on eliminating the gas tax, since by his explicit terms he's trying to increase tax revenue, this isn't billed as "revenue neutral." So we have a conservative Republican Governor proposing a tax increase!

No question that his reasoning is the simple reality of policymaking, that he can't do what he wants or what the public demands without higher taxes.

But how did he calculate the politics? Will GOP Delegates go along with this? Will GOP state senators? Will Grover Norquist and other conservative groups slam this proposal, or quietly assent?

This is a fascinating turn for McDonnell.

And it's a smart turn after he revealed his crazy primitive cultural extremism show with saying school teachers should be armed in class.


The Governor is falling all over himself to say this is not a tax increase:

"Over the next five years, this common-sense change will provide over $600 million more than our current gas tax revenues from organic economic growth, not tax increases."

Organic growth, heh, and I thought that was just some groceries I bought.



I could not agree more. What's really amusing is that Howell is implicitly endorsing this D federal policy victory by calling the gas tax a "dinosaur tax."

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