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Willie Deutsch

Ralph Northam could always just become LG and switch parties.


Or the GOP could get Chopra's friend Bobby Jindal to work on him some and maybe get him to throw them a bone. Jindal's sorcery powers (he claimed to have performed an exorcist) may come in handy.


Shouldn't we be talking about the bigger underlying point Ben's making. Will this be an issue in the 2013 elections here in VA? Also how effective would a Senate leadership be in governing the legislature without a majority of votes for the legislature they move? I wonder what the Virginian public thinks....


As long as the Senate is 1 seat away from potentially being D in 2015, who wields the power remains pertinent.

For that, the race still matters.

Christopher Schaffer

Ben, didn't they mention the procedural tactic that the Dems could use? There is a way to disband the committees that only needs a majority vote. Then we can re-constitute them with a Dem Chair. It would have to be done committee by committee, but it is an option.

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