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This doesn't affect Fairfax, Loudoun, Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church and Fairfax City much since those school systems get the minimum payout from the state. It affects Prince William a bit more. It really impacts "the real Virginia" where a lot of those counties get almost all of their school funding from the state.

So, I say lets repave and widen some roads in Fairfax, and let "the real Virginia" pay a fairer share of their school budgets.


It impacts everyone, but you are absolutely correct that because of the composite index it hits poorer and more rural school divisions harder. I'm not in favor of punishing those kids because of the way their communities vote, we need to fight hard for them since their Delegates won't do so.


I used to think that way, but no more. I've grown to believe that subsidizing Republicans who then attack Democrats is unacceptable. The hypocrisy of teabaggers screaming "too much government" while having their public schools, Medicaid patients and everything else mostly paid for by tax dollars from NoVA is too much for me. Let them start paying a little more for their own needs, since they scream that we should always do that.


Probably because I have so many ties to WV, what I see happening is that we end up with the Two Virginias that some in Richmond are talking about. The Republican delegates downstate who rob Northern Virginia to pay for their schools aren't going to raise their taxes, they will simply short change their own children. Their communities will see an ever increasing number of young people fleeing the community, which means the voting bloc will become even more intransigent towards education, which will create a self-defeating cycle that will impoverish those areas even more. Even ambitious, smart, and talent students will find it harder and harder to break out.

I'm happy sending some of my tax dollars elsewhere if I can keep that from happening. Because once upon a time, it was people like me sending tax dollars like mine to people like my father, who managed to get out. He, in turn, set the stage for raising me. I see it as fair's fair.


Couldn't agree more Gretchen.


I'm not saying don't subsidize, but the current structure is completely unfair to NoVA. For a party that calls us "takers" while they're "givers and producers", then sits back and relies on us for their funding has resulted in the current situation. While I'm somewhat sympathetic to rural areas, I'm no longer sympathetic enough to overcome my thoughts on our crumbling roads, 300% increases in tolls on the Dulles Toll Road and an ever-worsening traffic nightmare. Especially when they not only admit that we're funding them, but then pass social policy laws that negatively impact us.

We're basically paying for the bad guys to continue doing bad things to us. It's unacceptable.

Not Bubby

NJSM, who are you kidding? It's not as if any of this is "your" money.

Get your EIC refund check from federal daddy warbucks yet?


I ended up paying $9,834.00 in state income taxes in 2011. It will be a few a bit over $10,100 for 2012, after a small refund of a couple hundred bucks comes back after I file my tax returns.

How much did you pay in Virginia income taxes in 2011?

Not Bubby

Oh yeah, those numbers are undoubtedly legit. You're just a model of credibility.


Thank you for agreeing.

Now, about the GIANT REPUBLICAN TAX INCREASE, what are all the teabaggers going to do with themselves?

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