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Just to make sure my reading comprehension is intact, Schoeneman is replacing Von Spakovsky on the E-Board?


Wow! Just wow! Great news!

Brian is one of the few non-crazy Republicans with any visibility in NoVA. He's a HUGE upgrade over the conspiracy hack.


Sorry, you clearly have no idea how judges are elected in VA.

While it is true the General Assembly picks them, they do so at the direction and request of the home-district senator and delegate (Democrats, for those of you paying attention).

The Circuit Court judges were all or almost all elected by the General Assembly when the Dems controlled it or held at least 1 chamber. The judges were all vetted by the elected Democrat delegate and senator of the time.

But don't let the facts get in the way of your narrative.


The narrative stands. National Republican voting fraud fabulist booted off board of elections for just cause. Keep your poll-unskewing, climate change denying, creationist cretins in the Heritage Foundation Building with the other freaks like Dement where they belong.


2:47 comment- The House of Delegates has been GOP controlled since 1999. Every single judge in Fairfax has been appointed since then. And the "home area" people deciding are the members in the county delegation from the majority party. That's why Dave Albo (R-Fairfax) has basically been picking the Fairfax judges for a decade now.


This is FANTASTIC news! I'm looking forward to Brian taking over here- he'll be a fair and welcome reprieve from the voter suppression and denial of registration applications we've been dealing with under Hans.


Agreed, Brian has always come across as a respectful advocate of his views, who respects fair and honest political competition. He will be a welcome upgrade to the Fairfax County board from Hans Von Vote Suppressor.

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