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Why did the two possible Democratic candidates you named not run? I thought Teresa Champion was considering it....


I will never understand how you guys didn't run someone against in '07 when the abuser fee debacle was at his height.


So you're closing in on halfway through the House of Delegates.

Way to go Ben! Keep up the good (and hard) work.

Looking forward to a big picture analysis.

I noticed this.

Obama's big three declines relative to 2008 are all in the Southwest. 1st, 3rd, and 4th. He absolutely collapsed in these districts, which even in other Republican district he still held close to 2008's performance.

My two cents, it shows how out of touch a number of Virginia Democrats are who were talking up the chances of taking back Boucher's seat in 2012. They shut up before it would become too noticeable, but they totally misread what's been going on in Southwest Virginia. And sadly many of them have deep roots in the area.

Obama's best performance is in a number of Northern Virginia seats held by Republicans. Democrats need to remember how to turn out voters in an off year if they stand a chance.

Also, Bulova and Filler-Corn look a lot safer than they did right after redistricting. Something I think you haven't entirely admitted yet.

Gail Mates

I am pleased to announce an extremely FORMIDABLE CANDIDATE has entered the race, Edward Deitsch. He is what Virginia has needed for a long time, a man who truly cares about the issues that matter to all of his constituents. You are right Larry! Women really matter to this district, and as a woman, I need a dedicated candidate who is willing to work tirelessly and endlessly to protect women's rights, families, schools and the things that truly matter to the people.

He is focused and determined to bring the dignity and pride back to

Look out Larry.... Edward Deitsch is going to get it done for all of us!

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