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Zachary Pruckowski

Are we sure that that email isn't spam? Because there are more typos in it than the average Nigerian Prince's email...

Jarrod Nagurka

I think it's close, but the case could be made that what Ms. Hinton did was legal. While she did ask for W&M CR support, she did not explicitly say that in return for that support the campaign would dole out a financial reward. As long as the CRs registered and attended the convention, theoretically they could be paid by JMD and have voted for a different candidate. Think about how voters can call campaigns on election day for rides to the polls. That service costs the campaign money (gas, wear and tear on cars, etc.) and saves the voter money. Similarly, while it may be implied or expected that the voter would support the campaign giving him/her a ride, the voter could easily walk into the voting booth and vote for a different candidate. I think there's more of a visceral reaction to the proposal in this case because instead of a service, money is explicitly being offered. However, since Ms. Hinton did not explicitly state that the CRs would need to support JMD in order to receive payment, I don't think it's as black and white as it first appears.


Jarrod, good points, but let me clarify. Notice the title of the email. When people file for this convention, they are filing as Delegates for one of the candidates. I believe that means they are pledged to that candidate on the first ballot. No one ever knows for sure, but you are making a public pledge.

Brian Kirwin

Almost as bad as buying votes with free health care.

Nancy Vogel

One would think someone working for a Virginia candidate could at least spell the Governor's name right.


To clarify, the RPV Party Plan clearly states that no unit can instruct delegates on any vote or candidate. They have a great deal of leeway on how they elect delegates and could theoretically require candidates for delegate to state their preference then elect just the ones they want. However, standard operating procedure has become to allow anyone to file. Heck, many units won't even hold their selection meetings, as they are allowed to cancel it if the number of filers does not exceed their vote times five.


Having attended both the 2008 and 2009 RPV conventions, let me tell you that there isn't a reliable way to buy votes, given that each person casts his or her ballot in secret.

Nevertheless, I do believe that it is pretty poor for a campaign to try and bribe delegates or organizations into supporting a candidate. As a former W&M CR, I hope that group didn't consider this offer.


Brian Kirwin, that is very low equating access to health care to buying votes. Noone is getting free health care under the ACA. Affordable health care is treated as a right in 90% of the developed world and will soon, long overdue, be treated as such, here in the USA....

Brian Kirwin

DanDem, nice to see you admit that the Democrats are trying to make America more like socialist foreign nations.


Brian Kirwin nice to see you are putting words in my mouth that are not my own.... Define Socialism.... Many nations such as Germany, France, Canada, Australia and England which have strong market economies, and Israel all guarantee universal health care. Are you going to impugn America's leading allies as socialist for believing that citizens deserve quality affordable health care? Or are you going to go following the example of Joe McCarthy wannabe Ted Cruz making accusations by baseless innuendo?

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