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oh lol....


Silly Ben! Why would a GOP try to inspire the people they are trying to disenfranchise? Didn't you read the RPV memo about the Southern Strategy?

David Voluntarist Dull

1. where is the rest of the clip? This seems like a cheap shot.

2. why would a decent human being cater to one demographic or another? That sounds like bigotry.


Nice try. Transcript speaks for itself though...

JF: Republicans in VA are getting annihilated in key urban centers of the state . . Hampton Newport news Richmond, Portsmouth, what would your message be to the African American community. . . if you went to . . let’s say . . your campaigning in urban areas. . .how would you be able to inspire Blacks to vote for Susan Stimpson.

SS: That wouldn’t be a set constituency I would try to inspire. I think that we are all Americans and we all have the same concerns. We want to provide for our families. We want to have jobs. We want to be able to have that American exceptionalism that allows us to have individual liberties to do what we think is best for ourselves and our families. And I think government should be limited and government should get out of the way of families And that means taking money out of their pocket and thinking that the government can make a better decision for us . . and that is not a good direction for our country.

And I think it is a battle right now for individual liberties and I would appeal to women, I would appeal to minorities, I would appeal to Republicans and Democrats we need to protect our liberties and to push back on all of this government overreach.

JF: I want to get back to a question I asked and want to follow up on your answer. We talked about Republicans to go in to the Black communities of VA and reach that particular segment of Virginians. . .and when I asked that did you basically say that a demographic segment you can’t win and you are going to write them off or did I misinterpret your answer?

SS: I think that you completely misinterpreted that answer. I think that is a part of the problem of politics today. What in the world are we doing segregating all of these different classes and what your race is and what your sexuality is. I think that we are all Americans here and I think we share common values as Americans not according to what our skin color is so I reject that we are going to be focusing on things like that. And I think it was Jay-Z that made the comment that “government is doing too much” . So I think that community also believes government may be doing too much.


jsmith75- The transcript is nothing but shallow babble, it makes her look even worse.
Is that the best the GOP can do with reaching out to minorities?

The GOP will never get it until they elect Rubio for POTUS.


I agree with Susan and have said the same thing in both public and private. A tactic of democrats and also many in the GOP is to divide, rather than see what fundamentally unites us. Liberty and freedom, constitutional government, limited government --all of this unites people from all economic classes and from all ethnicities, and even people of all ages. To bad more people don't say it like Susan has.

Alexander Hamilton

Karen's notion that Americans generally agree with "limited government" is silly. This is one issue among many we've never agreed on. The issue was so divisive, in fact, that it nearly split the Constitutional Convention in 1787 right down the middle, between VA Plan supporters like Madison and Hamilton and NJ Plan supporters, like William Patterson and Thomas Jefferson. Plus, as Republicans are learning from their focus groups following the 2012 thumping at the polls, the idea of limited government doesn't sell very well these days, since Americans are overwhelmingly supportive of the main components of the social welfare state (Medicare/Medicaid/SS/unemployment benefits). Just ask them, and they'll tell you in no uncertain term just like they told Dick Morris. The bottom line is that "limited government" is a raw deal for almost everyone who isn't independently wealthy from birth.


AlexanderH- Let's not forget public roads, schools, the post office, school grants for college....

The concept of "limited government" is for the rich and greedy not wanting to pay taxes and trying to con the poor they don't need food, an education, and healthcare.

Ayn Rand was a sociopath and her followers want to be just like her.


The thing is, while what Stimpson said is certainly admirable, and great rhetoric, it makes for a pretty crappy campaign strategy. If the GOP wants to keep winning races in VA for long, they're going to have to take a few pages out of the Obama campaign's playbook -- including having staff whose sole responsibility is minority and special groups outreach.

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