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Zachary Pruckowski

Ben, I checked the SBE website, and it looks like, as others suggested your facebook post's comments, that this is a misdemeanor and not a felony. For the record I think this is bullshit (preventing someone from voting is just as damaging as letting someone falsely vote), but it appears to be the law:


James Young

"something often done in Virginia when a case involves local political figures as this one does."

Really? I thought this guy was some out-of-state hack, but that's from memory.

Zachary Pruckowski

The accused himself is from Pennsylvania, but he was contracted to the GOP here in VA to do the voter registration.


James, yes he was from out of state. But he was working in the RPV office in Harrisonburg- one that Suzanne Obenshain described herself as the "den mother" for before this all happened.


Ben, the court dismissed the felony charges because the evidence did not establish probable cause to proceed. The Commonwealth did not drop the felony charges. To the contrary, they argued strenuously in support of felony charges that really never were appropriate. There may be areas to criticize in the handling of this case by Garst's office but this isn't one. The felony charges required a showing that private information/SSNs were obtained and intentionally disclosed. There was never any evidence of any such disclosure. The misdemeanors fit the offense: gather the forms, don't file them in 15 days, trash them, you got a problem. A misdemeanor problem. But, there simply was no evidence that private info was disclosed. Overcharging created expectations that just didn't fit the facts.


The bigger point here is why the Republican CA in Rockingham/Harrisonburg continued to prosecute a case against what is essentially the Rockingham/Harrisonburg Republican committee. That's an inherent conflict of interest, as Ben points out.

You can also argue why destroying voter registration forms is a misdemeanor, but that's not really the point here.

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