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Lander lives in S Arlington so Kaaninen is wisely targeting voters who aren't his neighbors & friends. No diss there. Lander lives just over the Alexandria line near Arlandria. It's not a diss to recognize that the population there is less likely to vote in a low turnout election. Plus, candidates have events where they have supporters who have homes or own restaurants, etc and can host. They go where they are invited and/or they can get a free event space. I see no diss here. Just strategy. For the record, I have no dog in this fight. I don't live in Arlington and I don't care who wins this one.


Gail, with all due respect that is absurd. There are over 75,000 people that live in south Arlington, the vast majority of which have never heard of Lander. There is no excuse for doing 25 events in north Arlington and 0 in south Arlington.

Whitney Wilson

Lots of anger/irritation in Arlington at the School Board by parents in North Arlington over (1) the busing/transportation fiasco from last summer/fall, (2) the redrawing of elementary school boundaries to accommodate the new elementary school, and (3) the location of the new elementary school. Lander, as the incumbent, is going to bear the brunt of that anger/irritation over those issues, so a North Arlington-centric campaign is a "good" strategy if you want to win. But it might not be a good long term plan if your hope is move up in electoral politics in VA.

Alice Bennett

This can't be accurate. I actually met her at a South Arlington school back in March.


Alice, there is a link to all of her events above, you can go through one by one to verify this. We did not claim she has never gone to South Arlington, only that she has not had a campaign event there.

Whitney Wilson

By most accounts, Mr. Lander has done a pretty good job on the Board, and I'm sure that Ms. Kanninen could also be an effective School Board member. The most unfortunate part of this race is that the election is conducted by an Arlington Country Democratic Committee-run caucus in May, and not in the general election in November. I fully understand why the ACDC runs its endorsement process the way it does, but I wish it would agree to stay out of School Board races as envisioned by the state statute making School Board races non-partisan.


I don't think Lander has done more than one "event" in North Arlington so why isn't that a diss too?

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