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This is not totally surprising but based on straw poll results it seemed he was mobilizing people.....unfortunately contacting Democratic Committee members and friends to get them to some parties is much easier than voters.


Getting a few dozen or a hundred people from wherever - a lot from Maryland and DC - to come to a fundraiser to vote for you in a straw poll is one thing. Getting a hundred thousand or so Dems who might be voting in the June primary is another.


Terry Mcauliff adds are hitting the airwaves, saw two of them in 20 minutes tonight


I doubt Justin won the Chesapeake straw poll with MD or DC people. Face the fact that Mark Herring is just standard issue and doesn't excite. It's been 24 years since we elected a Democratic AG. It's time to try something different. And, if we're serious about energizing the Obama voting blocks like young folks and blacks, it would help if we nominated someone to whom they can relate! Justin can "fix" the campaign issues over the summer before anyone in the wider electorate is paying attention. Of course, most Dems don't even know there is a primary so they won't realize Justin's campaign needed "fixing" either.


I agree that the VAN is an important tool, but not as much as it might seem in a primary.

You do not have to buy the Party's database to have access to the voter file. You can get it much cheaper directly from the State. While that will not give you all the information and tools you would get from the VAN, most of those aspects are primarilly relevant in a general election.

The voter file from the state will have all the primary voting history of the voters. That is all that is really needed to run an effective primary campaign.


Actually, this is not quite right. While, I agree the VAN is very important, it is not accurate to imply that the Fairfax campaign cannot have any mail program or voter contact program just because they did not purchase the Party's database.

Yes, it is a good database with some nice tools and data, but most of that is geared to general elections.

What you need in a primary is to have a list of registered voters who vote in these types of Democratic primaries. That information can be purchased from the state for much less money.

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