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Is it me, or does everything with Northam seem to point to an elephant in the room?


So Sean Holihan, past president of the VA Young Dems and longtime Dem activist and gay as gay can be, recommends Ford to the Northam campaign, and then claims that he (Sean) did not know about the Sickles incident? Come on. I don't know Jay either but those who do say he is not in any way anti-gay. He sent an ugly mailer, just like Sean's partner does for a living. His partner is not working for the Chopra campaign, but is he in any way connected to any of the mail firms that Chopra has contracted with? That would explain a lot. Ben, are you in any way, directly or indirectly, paid or pro bono, advising the Chopra campaign?


Gail: No.


Ben, can you explain what makes you FOR Chopra rather than just against Northam?

Jeannemarie Connolly Tribbett

Lowest moment in Northern Virginia politics in the last decade? Ummm, Ben, what about many of your own antics?

Pot, meet kettle.

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