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Very smart commentary, Ben. That's a nice job explaining Ken's strengths and weaknesses.

Jay Hughes


I don't know how things work on y'alls side but in the RPV the 11 CD Committee chairs are outranked only by the senior RPV officers, i.e. Chair, 1st Vice, Treasurer, etc. So for a senior member of the Republican gubernatorial candidate's staff to say he doesn't know who John Whitbeck is absurd. In fact, each senior staffer should have the names and contact information for all CD committee chairs committed to memory at this point. Chris is an experienced campaign staffer so to call him an amateur just doesn't fly. So I dunno what his problem is.


I see and hear their Comm Director is a 29 yo kid with no experience, the younger Richard Cullen, son of the former Repub AG--chair of Cucc transition to AG office--McGuireWoods CEO. Sounds like a nepotism hire but it could just be the knives coming out after that WP poll

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