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Availability, costs, easy access, parking...any number of reasons. Places around here get booked up months or ever years in advance for weddings and other stuff. Public facilities go first because they are cheapest. Some country clubs aren't all that fancy either. Then there are members who can get the space cheaply or for free and save the campaigns money, or the member is the host of the event and has the event where they want to. There are plenty of free and low cost events too, in people's homes, restaurants, campaign headqaurters, etc. It's very easy to meet a candidate if you want too, and it doesn't cost anything but your time and maybe some gas money. Ben, just iron your maroon velvet suit and get over it. and you'll fit right in.

Matt Harris

Assuming that your gut feeling is correct, this shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. Over the years money continues to play a bigger role in politics. Additionally, as the GOP'ers further alienate the business community with their crazy social ideas, I think it is only natural for those with genuine stakes in the economy to gravitate to the only other alternate to influence government, that is the Democratic party. I do not think this is necessarily a good thing, and it will have the affect of squeezing out more of the middle-class from the process and political influence. In a worst case scenario, we'll have one party of social misfits, and another party of the economic elite - think of the Koch Brothers. It's a Hobson's choice.

Jeannemarie Connolly Tribbett

Speaking of out of touch elitists and country clubs, are you still driving a Volvo, Ben?

You are so silly

So let me see if I get this. If a person has a certain amount of financial success he or she cannot be a democrat? He or she cannot use their good fortune to support candidates who support our Democratic principles? They cannot support our Party, our candidates, our mission? Cannot support our invaluable non profits who give so much to so many? Are you as guilty as the other side by making the stupid assumption that anybody who has a bit of financial resources should be a Republican? I thought our party was a big tent. Please.

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