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I noticed that seemed rather peculiar. And I think Paula Miller has every bit as much claim to qualification and experience as Lynwood Lewis. I have no current preference in this fight but it is kind of concerning that so many sites are being established on the Eastern shore while there's only 1 VA Beach and 1 Norfolk site.... Has anyone contacted DPVA to ask why the imbalance in sites?


I have a horse in the race, but be fair.

The LONGEST drive someone in Norfolk will have to make is maybe 5 or 6 miles to Granby High School. For many participants on the Shore and Mathews, even with 9 locations, that will be the SHORTEST distance to travel. It could be argued that Mathews should have a second location for a sense of geographical fairness. Pull out a map guys.

Your charge of some DPVA power play is utter nonsense. The local 6th District Committee made the rules, not Richmond.

By the way, Terry won only 52% of the vote in the district, getting crushed on the Shore and Mathews. An Easternshoreman in Ralph Northam won 65%. You want to hold this seat, Lynwood Lewis is the strongest candidate by far. This is not a gimme safe seat folks, especially with the GOP failing to nominate a tea party crazy!


If Norfolk wants a second polling place, just tell the Norfolk rep on the 6th Nomination Committee to add one. DPVA doesn't have a thing to do with deciding polling locations. Each city/county within a district could have as many locations as they want, as long as they want to staff them.

Brian Kirwin

Sounds like a war on women

James Young

I've known Lyn for 30 years. Y'all could --- and probably will --- do a lot worse.

James Young

Of course, that comment probably dooms his candidacy.


So how many is fair and how do you justify it? Arguing for an equal number of sites also puts a candidate at a disadvantage.

Norfolk comprises just 53 square miles of land. I'm not sure what subset of this area is in the 6th Senate District. Accomack and Northampton Counties, as a comparison, comprise 662 square miles of land.

People on the Eastern Shore may have more locations but many of them will have much farther to travel to reach a site.

Let's say you put only one location in each of the Eastern Shore counties and put them in the county seats which are fairly central locations. In Northampton you'll have some people who would have to travel over 20 miles to reach the site and in Accomack, over 30.


There is more to consider than the distance and area. Managing the crowd at a single location in Norfolk poses, we should hope, a significant challenge. It does seem prudent to have more than one site in Norfolk.


I live in Ghent (in the 6th dist) and I could walk to Granby High School if I felt like it.

On the Eastern Shore, depending on the tides and the moon phase, you can't leave Chincoteague Island except by boat.

It's definitely not an apples to apples comparison.


Okay since it took me 30 over 30 minutes to vote at a location in Accomack and the person with me, who has voted in Accomack for 50 years had to fill out a provisional ballot I now concede that Norfolk, if run as poorly as the site I went to vote would need more than a single location.

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