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Ben--do you think there's any chance that Herring does what Kaine (Preston Bryant) and Gilmore (Andy Brickley) did and appoints a moderate R or two to his cabinet. Say a Tom Rust?

Not E. Blackburn Moore

Republicans maintained their strong majority in the House of Delegates with a lot of lucky breaks, but 2015 will soon arrive. Of the 10 seats decided by less than five percentage points, Republicans won 8, Democrats won 2. Of the 26 Delegates elected with less than 60% of the vote, 23 were Republicans and only 3 were Democrats (including the 2 who unseated GOP incumbents). So virtually every potentially vulnerable seat in the House is held by a Republican.

Should the GOP choose to just be obstructionist, they'll have to deal with a Governor who knows how to recruit challengers and raise a ton of money. So a lot of seats could change hands in 2015.

Brian Kirwin

Moore, really? You consider a seat that a Republican won by up to 20 points during a statewide Democratic sweep (pending recount) "vulnerable?"

If a Republican Delegate won 59-41 in this climate, they'll win 65-35 in the off-year.

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